Welcome to participate in Posttävlingen 2016!

All friflygare in Scandinavia are welcome to attend one or more classes.

The idea is "simple and close"
The idea of the post contest is to activate the entire width of friflygare from Sunday aviators to elite. Post race is a good opportunity, especially for those clubs who would otherwise not have joint air operations, to meet and simple shapes fly and compete together.

web-based administration
Notification of contestants, as well as reporting flights are now made directly at this website. If the contestant does not have web access can also times reported by letter.
No reporting or enterings are accepted via e-mail!

Upload and share pictures
If you have a 3G camera phone, you can through the Forum on Post Contest web site publish photos directly from the field. It's easy! Snap a card with your mobile. Save the photo in your phone. Surf to the forum for Post Contest and select "Click here to make a post." Follow the instruction. The pictures may not exceed 640x480 pixels or maximum of 200kb / each. The easiest way is to set his cell phone camera to capture the image of 640x480 pixels, then the charging easier. It is of course also upload images from their computer at home, if you prefer to flip the cards with their digital camera. ...

3 weeks per race
The contest period is three weeks per race with
possibility to divide the four races in a class over several flights occasions.





















Gerztel - the cave man from the
dark northern forests.
The model in the picture is his own design "Terrible"